Why I use Norwex

Why do I use Norwex……simply because their Anti-bac Microfiber products are hands down the best cleaning tools I have ever found ANYWHERE!  There is no other comparison!  They are one-of-kind and do something that no other product can do.  They are extensively tested & proven! Their Anti-Bac Microfiber contains this amazing natural silver based agent that has passed both FDA & EPA approval.  I love their simplicity ~ cleaning is no longer a “chore” that I dread…I would even go as far as to say it has become something I enjoy!

Living a “greener” lifestyle has been important to me long before I found Norwex.  Norwex was just the icing on the cake so-to-speak.  I mean how can you get any greener or more affordable than using just plain water ! I LOVE sharing with others my years of tried & true green tips so that they too can live greener more affordably!  I have saved A LOT of money over the past 4 years using Norwex as my primary cleaning products.  My home is cleaner & my family is healthier.  We used to get sick ALL the time….you know…those coughs & runny noses that seem to last forever.  Well, no more!  Honest~  it always amazes me how FAST we get well now and how long it is between illnesses.  I am convinced with all my heart that Norwex has made the difference in our home!

The friends I’ve made through my business have been incredible!  I love hearing their stories 3, 6,…even a year or two down the road where they tell me what a huge difference Norwex has made in THEIR lives as well!  Asthma, migraines, skin rashes, runny noses, coughs, fibromyalgia, etc etc….gone!  Knowing I’m making a positive difference in their lives is tremendously rewarding!

I am deeply concerned about the constant day to day exposure to harmful toxic household and industrial chemicals we face.  Every human being is feeling the effects ~ some minor but many in a major way.  Headaches, problems with sleeping, breathing trouble, skin rashes, irregular periods, infertility, mysterious lumps, hair loss, even cancer, leukemia, MRSA, autism, fibromyalgia, ADD & ADHD, food allergies and a whole host other “mysterious” reactions & symptoms that are leaving both doctors and their patients baffled…the list just goes on and on….all of which we have just come to “accept” as “normal”.

I find it very interesting that many of these illnesses and disorders were never a major issue or never even existed UNTIL after WWII when we began introducing tens of thousands of untested chemicals into our society.

Yes,…I am aware there will always be the “nay-sayers” & skeptics…….BUT,…..I am convinced just by witnessing the effects of removing these chemicals from our homes & businesses firsthand in the lives of so many over the years that there IS a connection.  Changing your home or business over to Norwex for all your cleaning needs is a change for the better …….give Norwex a try for 6 months & I promise you will be a “hooked”  as well!