Norwex Sales

The Norwex Direct Sales Opportunity          

Offered to you by: Jill Douglass

Independent Norwex Consultant

As a global leader in Microfiber cleaning products, career opportunities with Norwex are limitless. Thankfully society is increasingly becoming aware of the impact that humans have on our planet. Norwex provides the ability for all of us to live a greener, cleaner existence.  Because Norwex is so new to the U.S. there is SO MUCH POTENTIAL!  There are very few active consultants in each state…some states do not have ANY active consultants so the sky is the limit! Our products have been extensively tested & proven….something that sets us apart from any other company I know of that offers “green” cleaning  & Organic Personal Care products.

Norwex gives you a career that makes a difference in this world.  With all the media exposure on the danger of household chemicals, green cleaning, and the up and coming superbugs,  Norwex is the perfect opportunity at the perfect time. Norwex is dedicated to helping our customers reduce the use of chemicals while cleaning both in the home and professional environments, which means with Norwex we can fight the “on the rise” medical conditions and diseases such as allergies, asthma, autism and cancer.  Norwex is our chemical free future.

Norwex is a fast growing company with a unique service and proven products.  We are committed to customer satisfaction. In the USA there is no start up cost to becoming a consultant, it is literally risk free. You are provided with a Starter Kit consisting of a variety of microfiber products and the administrative materials needed to sell the product line. When you sign on as a U.S. consultant you are to sell $2000 over the first 3 months of becoming a consultant (which brings $700 in commission for you).  If you decide the business is not right for you, no problem, you can simply return the kit or you can buy it ($200) and use the products for yourself.

My team offers great support for all your needs to help get you started. Norwex also offers amazing hostess gifts and great rewards definitely worth pursuing. Norwex also offers fantastic fundraisers fo school and organizations across the USA that earns 30% for your fundraising account!  With Norwex you are not only selling awesome products, you are making great money!  Norwex is a DIRECT SALES  company ( similar to Avon, Tupperware, etc)  NOT a MLM. 

**Ten ( or more….) reasons to become a Norwex Consultant**

  1. Minimal start up cost.
    • There is NO initial start up costs in the United States; new consultants will receive over $200.00 in free product and paper supplies
  2. Norwex Consultants earn 35% Commission on all orders. The Norwex commission structure is one of the highest in the home party industry.
  3. Norwex is NOT a MLM ( multi-level marketing) With Norwex EVERYONE earns the same commission for the products they sell.  We DON’T have different levels of commission based upon how many people you “sign up” or any of that . There are no monthly sales requirements; you  truly are your own boss.  No pressure to “build a downline” like other companies.  You are allowed to build this business at your own pace.  This allows you to keep your priorities in focus such as family, etc.  If you choose to build your business bigger, you will have access to every available resource to do so.  
  4. Presentations / Parties can be done almost anywhere – homes, businesses, lunchrooms, even via the web online! 
  5. A hostess can earn hundreds of dollars of FREE products at no cost to the Consultants.  You also have the option of grouping direct sales orders together and making yourself the “hostess” which means you qualify for all the same free gifts and bonuses as a regular hostess does!  This is a great way to build up your own inventory of products at no cost to you!
  6. Norwex guarantees orders will be shipped out of the warehouse within a 24-hour period once your payment has cleared.
  7. The shipping and handling cost is $3.75 per customer anywhere in North America.
  8. Norwex offers a 60-day money back satisfaction guarantee.
  9. All Norwex Microfiber products have a two-year performance warranty.
  10. Norwex is one of the fastest growing Home Party Companies in Canada and is rapidly growing in the United States.
  11. Norwex is the global leader in Microfiber technology – NO ONE has the Amazing Anti-Bac technology that Norwex offers!  our unique market niche allows us to build a solid customer base in varied areas.  You have the option of selling to people for home OR for commercial use such as daycares, clinics, preschools,  adult care facilities, salons, restaurants, ….the list is endless!  Due to our extensive testing we have the credibility needed to enter these different types of businesses with confidence.   No other home business  I know of offers you these options! 

My role is to empower each consultant to achieve their personal and financial goals – through superior products, training and ongoing support. As a Consultant on my team you will also receive access to the Norwex training and information in effort to fast track Consultants to success. You will have access to documents that will provide product knowledge, business development plans/ideas and marketing tools. There will also very soon be a  forum available to Consultants so that they can support and communicate with each other.

The beauty of the Norwex Opportunity is that it is not age, gender or culture specific. The common link between Norwex Consultants is their commitment to improving the quality of life by promoting a product line that literally sells itself. I invite you to contact me for more information on how you can make a positive difference to our planet earth.

Contact me, Jill Douglass today to learn how you can become a member of my team! 

Phone:  360-420-9409


** Email me with your phone number and  I will be happy to pick up the tab and call you back anywhere nationwide



Frequently Asked Questions – Norwex Consultant Information

1) How long has this company been in business?

The first microfibre was manufactured in Sweden in 1994. Norwex started in the home business in 1995 in Norway and opened to the Canadian and USA markets in 1999.

2) Is this a Canadian based company? If not where is it’s origin, and is there a Canadian office?

Norwex stands for Norweigian Experience so we originated in Norway and are now in 26 different countries. Head Office for Canada and the US is in Dauphin, MB.

3) Are parties required or can the customer order directly from the company and we still get paid our regular commission?

As a consultant the best way to get the product in front of the client is through a party. A client can order directly from each consultant but not directly from our Head Office.

4) Does the company require you to have an inventory?

No, there is no requirement to have an on-hand inventory. Each consultant can decide to keep product on hand at their discretion.

5) Does the company have a 100% guarantee on the products and the kits?

The same guarantee applies to the product in your kit as to the product that you sell. Warranties are as follows: 2 years on microfibre products, 60 days on consumable products, 5 years on the magnet ball and 1 year on the dryer balls

6) How much is the kit and what is included?

The U.S.  kit is FREE if you do $2,000 in sales over your 1st   3 months of business. The kit includes:

2 Small Antibac Enviro Cloths
1 Large Antibac Enviro Cloth
1 Window Cloth
1 Mop Starter Package (includes Wet Mop, Dry Mop, Large Mop
Base, 1 Mop Handle)
1 package of Spirinetts
1 Spray Bottle
1 Tote Bag
Enough paperwork to get you started for your first party

7) Are there kit options? Such as sizes of kits to choose from?

No, there is just one kit.

8) Is there a minimum sales quota to be met to stay active?

Yes, you need to sell $250 in a 6 months period to remain active. Once you start building a team, you would need to sell $250 every month to continue to collect your commission check.

9) What are some examples of incentives for dedicated, consistent consultants?

Monthly product awards from Head Office
Go For The Goal (yearly incentives for consultants from Head Office)
Each manager may also, at their discretion, offer incentives

10) Are there any ‘new consultant’ incentives to boost start a business?

Yes, if a new consultant  ( that sells $2000 in the first 3 months, they will receive a $300 shopping spree from the company.  ( U.S.Only

11) When do I get paid?

Each consultant pays themselves the discount amount shown when you order. As all orders are charged to the consultant’s on file credit card, the amount you are paid is the difference of what you o)we for the product you order and what the clients have paid for the product. If there are more credit charges from clients to apply against the party, Head Office will send a check or direct deposit the amount into the account you have provided them.

12) What is the earning potential as a consultant or higher…. what are the levels and the compensation points?

We earn 35% commission (also called discount) on ALL products sold (regardless of monthly or yearly sales volumes). See the Success Builder for more info on the Norwex management levels.

13) Are there meetings, seminars, training sessions, conventions and such that one can attend?

Yes, there are meetings help by head office on a regular basis held in larger cities in more cetrally located locations. Head Office also organizes an annual conference in August in a major centre in Canada.

14) What types of training is available to new consultants?

I offer a full training program that includes literature about all of our products as well as one on one training for anyone that is interested in it. I will also come along to help you out with your first party if you wish. Providing it is within a reasonable distance to do so.  You may also contact me through email or my toll free number with any questions you may have.

15) Does Norwex offer consultant websites? If so, what is the monthly fee?

Norwex is in the process of implementing FREE consultant based websites with a back office area. They have currently purchased a multi-million dollar system that they will be training and implementing in the next few months. They are hoping to have this launched very soon.  Until then I can help you start a low cost website such as this.

16) What is the average time spent per show?

At the most, as a new consultant, 3 hours. This includes host coaching calls made before the show, show time, minimal paperwork, and customer service. As you become more experienced, this time will also decrease!

17) What is the Hostess program and who pays for the Hostess benefits?

Norwex provides a completely company funded hostess program.

The hostess program is referred to as a 4-Star program meaning that there are 4 ways in which the hostess can earn free product. The 4 stars are as follows:

a) For each booking the hostess has from her party, she can choose
between an optic cloth or a window cloth

b) When a hostess has a minimum of 5 buying guests she earns a free
envirocloth. The higher the number of buying guests the more
product she can earn. (other levels are 8, 10, 13 and 15)

c) A shopping spree is earned for between 8 and 12% of sales at the
party. The hostess can pick whatever products from the catalogue
that she wants.

d) Head Office puts hostess packages together for different sales
levels beginning at $325 (other levels are $500, $750 and $1000)

18) How easy is it to get started?

Simply pick up the phone and call me or email me and within 10 business days from when Head Office receives your contract you should have your kit in-hand.

19) How much are supplies like invoices, catalogues and invites?

Invoices are $9.50 for a bundle of 100
Catalogues are $.55 each
Recruiting Flyers are $12.50 for a bundle of 25
Invitation Postcards are $4.00 for a bundle of 100
Hostess Planners are $8.50 for a bundle of 25

20) Is there an annual renewal fee?

No, as long as you stay active there are no additional fees once you start your business.

21) Are there any advertising restrictions?

As a consultant you are not allowed to sell the Norwex products on a site such as E-Bay. Otherwise, there are no restrictions on advertising, however, advertisements need to be approved by Head Office prior to posting. Ask your manager to help you with this.

22) Who takes care of the sales tax?

As a consultant you remit the sales tax to head office and is remitted by Head Office on your behalf for your sales.