Norwex Party

Host a Norwex party ONLINE….have a WebShow ! 

Are you interested in using our products but are lacking the finances to purchase at this time…..a great way to earn FREE products is to Host a presentation!  They can be done in your home, office, church, and even ONLINE!  Just email me at  for info on how you can have your own presentation ONLINE for your friends, relatives and even co-workers!  Norwex is THE MOST generous company I know of when it comes to our Hostess Program !  It is very easy to earn several hundred dollars in FREE product


Hosting a WebShow has never been easier. This is a great option for you if you’ve got lots of friends and family across the US, Canada or across the world. You can include them by introducing them to the product line on-line!

**You’ll receive the same rewards as if you were hosting a party in your home! A WebShow is a piece of cake to do.

**First ~contact a group of friends in the city, province, country or worldwide via email, phone call, facebook, twitter, evite ~ whatever is easiest for you.  It’s all the same on-line. I can help you with this part ~ just ask!

**Second ~direct them to my on-line secure shopping website at 

**Third ~ have them enter your Last Name(the host/hostess)  in brackets along with their name as they order.   I can then determine for which Party Host/Hostess the order is intended. Entering your name in brackets  is what gets you your rewards.

**Fourth ~ and final, Request your guest list order by a setting a  final order date.

I’ll make sure your WebShow is finalized with the same FREE rewards as a Home Party without having everyone at your home. All you had to do was either pick up the phone and/or send out some emails to earn all the great incentives! Piece of cake!

You can still earn rewards

  • if you have already hosted a party or
  • just attended a home party and
  • or interested in purchasing
  • or interested in taking advantage of the great hostess benefits?

Here’s how…. Webshow!

If most of the participants in the WebShow live within a 75 mile radius of me I will even drive to your home & you can plan a “Pick Up Your Norwex Order” party where I demonstrate how to use the items they have purchased.  If this is not permissable due to distance than I will be happy to help each person via email, phone, facebook, etc. 



What happens at an “in person” Norwex Product Presentation?

Most people are surprised at how much information they learn at our presentations.  Our goal is not only to introduce you to our amazing Eco-Friendly products, but also to educate you.  I often have people tell me thank you because they were finally able to come up with a reason for their chronic issues such as asthma, headaches, children’s behavioral issues, depression, etc.  the list goes on.  The thank you’s especially come a couple months down the road when after using our products as an alternative to their previous cleaning products, they realize their issues are either completely gone or have subsided immensly.  Moments like that  I love and make me so grateful that I have truly been able to help them to enjoy their quality of life. 

Usually, at a presentation I start by giving information about our products and by educating people about the dangers of household and industrial chemicals and their known effects on our bodies.  After that I let people use the products for themselves.  They get to go around cleaning windows, mirrors, mop floors, dust, scrub toilets, etc.  This way they realize first hand what sets our products apart from the rest.    After that I just make myself available to answer questions and take product orders.  We keep it pretty simple and can modify our presentation to any type of people group, time span or theme.  You just let us know what you want and we will customize the presentation accordingly.  People tell us they enjoy our presentations more than they ever expected and usually walk away booking more.  We are passionate about our mission and that excitement comes through in our presentations. 

If you decide to host

 a Norwex Presentation

 we will greatly reward you for your efforts! 

Our Host/Hostess Reward Plan

 is one of the most generous in the industry.