Can’t Live Without List

Here is a list of the products that I personally love and can’t live without that Norwex offers

(1) ANTI-BAC Microfiber Cloths – these cloths have so many uses!  I can clean every surface imaginable to a squeaky clean & germ free shine!  They make fantastic dish cloths for hand washing dishes and wiping down tabletops & counters.  They always perform and never let me down.  My husband loves them for washing the car and detailing the inside.  They clean even my wood furniture beautifully.

(2) ANTI-BAC Polishing / Window Cloth – this is a faithful companion to the ANTI-BAC Microfiber Cloth.  With this windows and mirrors and chrome, stainless, ANYTHING &  EVERYTHING that needs to be shined comes out looking fabulous!

(3) Norwex Laundry Detergent – ABSOLUTELY THE BEST LAUNDRY DETERGENT I HAVE EVER USED!!!!!!   Read my product review on the “Catalog” page and The “How to Care for Microfiber ” page and you will know just how much I adore this product !

(4) Norwex Dishwashing Liquid –  I’m one who washes dishes by hand so I am very picky about dish soaps.  I have tried practically everything on the market and love how this one performs the best.  I have very sensitive skin and NEVER have I broke out in a rash after using this product.  It has a low sudsing agent but performs AWESOME on greasy pots and pans.  It will not leave toxic chemical residues on your dishes like most store brands.  I have many cusomers that will vouch for how awesome this product is.  It also makes a great stain pre treater for your laundry ( I also pre-treat my mop pads with this before washing ) and can even be used in your carpet cleaner do to it’s low sudsing nature. 

(5) SANIRA toilet system – This will clean your toilet beautifully with no toxic chemicals.  It is so economical because each refill unit will last for a year.  The brush is made in such a way that it won’t harbor bacteria and lasts for 10 years!  It is great for people with chemical sensitivities and asthma.  The SANIRA refill unit can also be diluted into a spray bottle that can be used as a safe germicidal in places where you feel a little more germ & bacteria killing action is needed.

(6) Foam Hand Cleaner – This product truly cleans your hands squeaky clean with no harmful chemicals.  One try and you will feel the difference.  We also offer a refill bottle that will fill up the original pump dispenser 6  or more times!  Very Economical

(7) Hand Disinfectant / Sanitizer – This product is so unlike anything else currently offered on the market.  It safely keeps your hands free of germs, viruses, bacteria and yeasts, etc for 4 HOURS!  You can even wash your hands with both soap and water and dry them up to 10 TIMES PER HOUR ( 40 times total over a 4 hour period ) and it still will not lose it’s effectiveness.  It only has 5% alcohol and is non drying.  It melts into your skin in seconds.  No greasiness.  Excellent for anyone that has alot of hand to hand  contact .  Safe for use with babies and toddlers.  Excellent product made in Denmark.

(8) Organic Descaler – This cleans like nothing I have EVER seen!  The key is to spray and WAIT!  On really yucky tubs and showers I have waited up to an hour, but have been amazed at the results every time!  Limescale, White cloudy shower doors and soap scum just wipe off easily with a microfiber cloth.  This product works near miraculous results even on FIBERGLASS & plastic tubs & showers!!!!!  Again,….the key to its success is to spray & wait

 (9) Anti-Bac Microfiber Mops – I really love these mops!  Mainly because they perform as promised – USING ONLY WATER!!   My floors are amazingly clean all without the use of harmful chemicals that only leave toxic residues on my floors.  These mops are easy to use, are great at cleaning baseboards and easy to clean – just throw them into the washer!  They can be washed hundreds of times and if properly taken care of will last for many years.  No more Swiffer bottles to buy or yucky smelly rag or sponge mops to deal with.  These mops remove all the bacteria & viruses then they are destroyed in it’s fibers because of the ALL-NATURAL silver agent that is embedded in the fibers.  These are the same mops that are used in hospitals throughout Europe in even ultra sterile environments such as operating rooms.  Every home should have one of these mops.  For a streak free- germ free “polished shine” on hardwood floors or laminate floring, just use the ANTI-BAC Superior Mop Pad lightly dampened.  You will love the results!

(10)  Anti-Bac Body Pack Microfiber Cloths – My FAVORITE washcloths !!!  These are made of ultra fine luxurious microfiber, with the added benefit of our ANTI-BAC technology.  You can literally remove ALL your makeup off your face INCLUDING mascara using only one of these cloths and water.  The microfiber gently exfoliates your skin without you even realizing it.  People with skin sensitivities or things like acne or eczema love this product.  It only takes one try and you will want to replace all your face & body cloths with one of these.  Due to it’s ANTI-BAC technology, this is the most sanitary washcloth of it’s kind.  Harmful bacteria & viruses are removed and then destroyed IN the cloth.  No worry of any cross contamination.  Putting all those awesome features aside,…they just feel wonderful on your skin!  Also excellent for people who suffer from diabetes related foot issues…there is no better way to keep your feet ultra clean & germ free than using these washcloths ! 

(11) Anti-Bac Kitchen Dish Cloths & Tea Towels – AWESOME product!  Just what EVERYONE needs in their kitchen to keep bacteria like E.Coli & Salmonella at bay….comes in 3 great colors too!